May 21, 2012

Jeff Lemire's "Sweet Tooth"

     After a Boing Boing columnist described Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth as a "Post-apocalyptic tour de force of dread", it seemed like it was something I should pick up. Having already blasted through all 4 volumes, I can confirm that yes, I really like this. So I drew some fan art of some of the main cast. From left to right: Bobby, Buddy, Gus "Sweet Tooth" & Wendy.
     I'm a sucker for mood pieces... but I've seen my share of early David Cronenberg movies so I know its a challenge to keep things both well-paced & brooding at the same time. This book satisfies both those criteria. The characters are left to dwell on certain dilemmas while others erupt and resolve in a matter of seconds--as they would in real life. Some of the most powerful moments are over in about 3 panels.*
   Also, I love the art style. Its sketchy, loose, kind of ugly sometimes. Fits the subject matter perfectly.

Anyway.  Here's the process for the above drawing.

...The Rough (Which turned out to be the final line):

 ...And some shading:

* Yes. I realize that film and graphic novels are two completely different mediums. But comics can either choose to show things visually or rely on heavy wafts of text. There is of course descriptive narration and monologues through-out in Sweet Tooth, but I don't consider what's being said redundant. So it doesn't feel like it drags.

Apr 29, 2012